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tv   Prime News  HLN  November 19, 2009 4:10am-5:00am EST

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go morning, everyone. i would note for senators this is the first hearing to be held in this room now that we -- it's been rebuilt and reconstituted. those of you who have been here a long time know this thing was sort of like the dark hole. it was probably the worst place to have to ever have a hearing because it was so dark and awful and now it -- and i commend -- i
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commend the architect of the capitol and the sergeant of arms, everybody else who put this together and has made it better. attorney general holder, welcome and glad to have you here. i -- i commend the attorney general for moving forward last week with plans to proceed on several cases against those who seek to terrorize the united states using the full range of authorities and capabilities available to us. just as president obama is using our military diplomatic, legal, law enforcement and moral force to make america safer and more secure, the attorney general is exercising his responsibilities in consultation with the secretary of defense to determine where and how best to seek justice against those who have attacked americans here at home and around the world.
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after nearly eight years of delay, may finally move -- be moving forward to bring to justice the perpetrators and murderers from the september 11 attacks. i have great confidence in our attorney general. the capability of our prosecutors, our judges, our juries and the american people. in this regard. i support the attorney general's decision to it pursue justice against khalid shaikh mohammed and four others accused of plotting the september 11 attacks and go after them in our federal courts in new york. they committed murder here in the united states and we'll seek justice here in the united states. they committed crimes of murder in our country, and we will prosecute them in our country.
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we're the most powerful nation on earth. we have a justice system that is the envy of the world. we will not be afraid. we will still go forward, and we will prosecute them. war crimes and crimes of terror and murder can successfully be prosecuted in our federal courts, and we've done it over and over and over again. america's response to these acts is is not to cower in fear but to show the world that we are strong, resilient and determined. we don't jury-rig secret trials or kang rue courts as some of our adversaries do. we can rely on the american justice system and i urge this committee and american people to support the attorney general as this matter proceeds, urge the congress to proceed such assistance as will be needed including providing the victims of those events the ability to participate. many surviving members of those
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killed that day have said after years of frustration it's time to have justice and i will work with the department of justice and our courts systems, as i depend in the trial of timothy mcveigh to make sure that there are ways that the victims can watch these trials. federal courts have tried more than 100 terrorism cases since september 11th, more than 100 since september 11th. they proved they can handle sensitive classified information, security and other legal issues related to terrorism cases. and since the beginning of this year, more than 30 individuals charged with terrorism violations have been successfully prosecuted or sentenced in federal courts. the federal courts located in new york city try and convicted the so-called blind sheik for conspireing to bomb new york city landmarks and yam see yousef for the first world trade bombing. new york was one of the primary targets of the september 11 attacks. those who perpetuated the
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attacks should be tried there. they should answer for their brutality and for the murder of thousands of innocent americans. like mayor bloomberg, i have full confidence in the capacity of new york. >> and the new york city police department. the attorney general personally reviewed these cases, along with the defense secretary, and the protocol that he announced this summer, determined to use all the powers against the people applauded september 11. and those who attacked the u.s. as coal, throughout the country, we try to have military tribunals. we wanted a court martial for the deadly attack on fort hood, two weeks ago. the different venues, and the sets of crimes are appropriate and i thank you for that.


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